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Idiap has a successful track record of dissemination of data and software that are widely adopted, and has a longstanding tradition of delivering research outcomes through open-source licenses and making frameworks accessible to others. This commitment extends beyond mere software contributions. Idiap actively participates in numerous projects, ranging from small-scale initiatives to high-profile endeavors.

Idiap creates and makes available a significant number of professional software. Over the past five years, distributed of more than 120 open source software packages.

Examples of software packages created by Idiap are Fast Transformers , PyDHN, and Bob. The Github project Fast Transformers , which has over 1500 stars and over 160 forks, was used in Muzic, a Microsoft project for music understanding and generation. The open-source package PyDHN for the physics-based simulation of district heating networks, computes pressure, temperature, and mass flow within the pipework knowing only the boundary conditions at the central(s) and sub-stations; it is included in open-source GIS tools for a wider impact on society. Bob, a set of open-source tools to promote reproducible research, has 25 releases, over 100 satellite repositories and over 5000 commits for the core repository.

See https://github.com/idiap for the list of public Idiap github repositories.

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